eBay — About Time

When The Many was tasked with launching the new @ebaywatches handle, we jumped on board, writing and directing a film and capturing a full arsenal of stills that celebrated the individuality of watch collectors, and the lasting legacy of the timepieces they treasured. With a week of prep time, a single shoot day, and more than 20 iconic watches to capture, we crafted a concept that merged analog and digital - showing the evolution of time itself. Utilizing an LED wall, rotating turntables, and probe-lensed macro footage, we were able to show off these amazing watches to the world.

the Many

Production, Post

Samy Mosher

Samy Mosher is a director based in Los Angeles. Born in London to an Indonesian dentist and an American journalist, Samy was raised in England, Tokyo and LA. He’s a self–proclaimed “global citizen,” which has always guided and inspired his work. No boundaries or borders.