eBay — About Time

The Many came to STADIUM to help launch the new @ebaywatches handle. Samy Mosher wrote and directed an anthem film that invited watch collectors, old and new, to dare to be themselves and search for a timepiece that reflects their own individualism and legacy.

‍With only a week to prep and a single shoot day to capture more than 20 iconic watches through photography and film, we proposed and executed a concept that merged the analog with the digital. By utilizing a LED wall, rotating turntables and probe-lensed macro footage, we created a unique commemoration of time itself, complemented by an infectious edit.

‍The film and corresponding photography campaign, shot by Monroe Alvarez, launched @ebaywatches to the world, while continuing to expand the message of how these unique and individualized timepieces inspire us to express ourselves in fullest detail.

The Many

Production, Post

Samy Mosher

Samy Mosher is a director based in Los Angeles. Born in London to an Indonesian dentist and an American journalist, Samy was raised in England, Tokyo and LA. He’s a self–proclaimed “global citizen,” which has always guided and inspired his work. No boundaries or borders.