Bumble — Marriage

Sometimes it seems we're becoming increasingly polarised, dotted along a spectrum of cultural, political, and sexual identities. Bumble came to us with the bold mission of showing that despite our differences, we're more alike than we think. Creating a series called "Full Disclosure", teaming up with statistician, artist, and NYT contributor Mona Chalabi, we captured real people and their authentic relationship stories. Shot over 2 weeks during the height of the pandemic, we used remote streams to direct Mona from across the country. Highlighting stigmatized subjects like marriage, mental health, and debt, this series garnered the highest engagement from any campaign Bumble has released. And more importantly, it showed people they aren't alone.


Creative, Production

Eric Maldin

Eric is a director/photographer who got his start in post production, crafting live content narrative. He brings those same storytelling chops to his directing approach. With a style that the kids might describe as IRL, Eric’s work exhibits a vitality that keeps our partners on their heels.